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Started with an affection towards Sugar Glider, we too understand your love and caring towards them.

PETOPIA mission to setup a 'One Stop Sugar Glider Station' for everyone to fulfil the needs of their lovely Sugar Glider with just 'A Click Away'.

PETOPIA will not be just an ordinary Pet Supplies Store, we work around the clock to bring you quality new products around the world to cover all your Glider's daily needs.

Stay Tuned~ More products are making its way here!

Happy Shopping!
With Lots of Love! ❤️ XOXO

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  • PETOPIA® Pet Products - Yong Jing

    Yong Jing

    谢谢店主的用心以及无私分享 让我的营养不良屁孩都长肥一圈还精神了 万分感激 也会继续关注哦

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  • PETOPIA® Pet Products - Queenie Khor

    Queenie Khor

    卖家美女棒棒哒😘😘 食物赞赞哒👍👍👍 布美美哒❤❤❤ 美到主人都不舍得给它们用了😜😝😂

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  • PETOPIA® Pet Products - Azree Aziz

    Azree Aziz

    Thank you Petopia! Outstanding service,fully recommended... high quality product, love it!

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  • PETOPIA® Pet Products - Isabel Dewitt

    Isabel Dewitt

    在这里买过glider slurp,mwd,hpw,鸡肉干,苹果木, 花粉,Insect Booster,watergel,杜杜& 逗蜜棒,东西很好,卖家也很有耐心,问任何问题都会一一帮忙解答,下次还会再回购的😍😍😍

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  • PETOPIA® Pet Products - Zoey Lv

    Zoey Lv


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  • PETOPIA® Pet Products - Maybo Seng

    Maybo Seng

    定制睡袋的布料材质非常柔软又透气 非常棒😍 成品到了手上不仅自己很喜欢 小蜜也很喜欢💕服务好、质量好、也很速度 这家店太赞了!!

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