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30cm Sugar Glider Wheel Imported Taiwan SUS304 Stainless Steel | 蜜袋鼯静音跑轮 304 不锈钢 台湾

RM 338.00
30cm Sugar Glider Wheel Imported Taiwan SUS304 Stainless Steel | 蜜袋鼯静音跑轮 304 不锈钢 台湾 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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🛒Sugar Glider Exercise Wheel Imported Taiwan
Sugar Gliders are high energy animals and need a proper outlet to release that built up energy. This can be provided with a very large cage, a room to allow them to run daily, or a proper wheel. It is important to get a Sugar Glider Safe Wheel, as most pet stores do not carry these. Since gliders are bouncy, they need more than enough room to run without bending their backs, which makes the wheel diameter to be at least 30cm for them to play safely. Our sugar glider wheels are proven safe and long lasting, which are made of stainless steel bearings and running track. 

EasyFix version is the latest product which allows it to be taken out from cage without removing screws and nuts from the wheel! Remove the wheel effortlessly by just picking it up (as shown in the demonstrating video) for easier daily cleaning job. *EasyFix Stainless Steel Stands are sold Separately. 

 ✅ Taiwan No.1 Choice
 ✅ Top-Notch Quality
 ✅ Width: 30cm±
 ✅ Stainless Steel (SUS304) - Running Track, Bearing & Lock
 ✅ Extremely Silent
 ✅ Imported Taiwan

⛔ *Avoid Direct Splashing of Water towards the Back of the Wheel to increase bearing's lifespan

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