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Exotic Nutrition Glider-Cal [50g/100g] | Sugar Glider Calcium Supplement

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🛒 Exotic Nutrition Glider-Cal
Exotic Nutrition's Glider-Cal Calcium Supplement is designed specifically for Sugar Gliders of various ages. Sugar glider's diet of fruits and vegetables contains inverse amounts of phosphorous to calcium. High phosphorus extracts calcium from their bones, making the bones brittle. Calcium deficiency will make your glider sick, then will cause hind leg paralysis. Hind leg paralysis can be very common in gliders who do not have a calcium supplement like Glider-Cal.

 ✅ Perfect for sugar gliders with lower calcium in relation to phosphorus intake
 ✅ Helps prevent calcium deficiency and hind leg paralysis common to gliders
 ✅ Phosphorous-free, ultra-fine powder for daily coating of fruits & insects
 ✅ Net Weight: 100g original (approximately 150 servings)
                           50g trial pack (approximately 75 servings)
 ✅ Just sprinkle on top of food daily

 Ingredient List: Calcium carbonate 96.5% (elemental calcium 38%), Magnesium carbonate 3.5%

Feeding Recommendation: Sprinkle about 250 mg. (pinch between fingers) over food daily. Mixing Glider-Cal with Glider Booster vitamin supplement will bring optimum results. Mix 1 teaspoon of Glider-Cal with 1 teaspoon of Glider Booster per pound of food.

🛒 Exotic Nutrition 蜜袋鼯钙补质充剂
Exotic Nutrition Glider-Cal 钙质补充剂适合不同年龄段的蜜袋鼯。 蜜袋鼯饮食中的水果和蔬菜磷的含有不同钙磷比例。 高磷会从他们的骨骼中提取钙,使骨骼变脆。 缺钙会使你的蜜袋鼯生病,进而导致后腿麻痹,甚至死亡。

 ✅ 非常适合摄入钙含量较低的蜜袋鼯
 ✅ 有助于预防蜜袋鼯常见的缺钙和后腿麻痹
 ✅ 用于日常撒在蔬果和昆虫上的无磷超细粉末
 ✅ 净重:100g(约150份)
 ✅ 只需撒在蔬果上即可

 材料: 碳酸钙 96.5%(元素钙 38%),碳酸镁 3.5%

⭐喂食建议:每天一小撮Exotic Nutrition 蜜袋鼯钙补质充剂喷洒在食物上(约 250 毫克)。 将 Glider-Cal 与 Glider Booster 维生素补充剂混合将带来最佳效果。 将 1 茶匙 Glider-Cal 与 1 茶匙 Glider Booster 混合与450g食物。

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