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Decorative Transparent Chain (20x31mm) [30pcs] | Sugar Glider, Parrot, Bird Toy

🛒 30pcs Transparent Chain 20*31mm | Sugar Glider Parrot Bird Toy Parts
As a pet in captivity, Sugar Gliders don't have the opportunity to engage in the activities that they naturally would in the wild. Mammal behaviorists who have spent time observing gliders in the wild have reported that playtime ranks second only to food gathering in priority. Playtime helps to foster better mental health and a sense of independence. In young gliders, playtime is part of the natural learning process in which young gliders start to learn about textures and shapes. Toys help in development of coordination and dexterity. Exposure to a large variety of objects at a young age helps to create a more confident, less fearful glider.

✅ Made of a strong durable ACRYLIC
✅ You can hang them on the cage bars and they will love playing with them
✅ Add toy parts to them to make them more attractive for your birds / sugar gliders
✅ Easy to wash

⭐ Size: 20cm x 31mm (per pc)

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