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Apple Wood Stick Dental Chew Molar Toy [Round/Stick] | Sugar Glider Treats

🛒Apple Wood Stick Dental Chew Molar Toy
Harvested from apple trees with natural wood fragrance. Completely free from pesticides and preservatives for your pet's safety. Extreme High Quality. Hand harvested. Hand selected. Hand cut and packaged.

✅ Satisfies the instinctual chewing behavior and helps small animals combat boredom, anxiety and stress.
✅ Helps small animals trim their incisors and supports overall good dental health.
✅ Wonderful for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, squirrels, rodents and other small animals.
✅ Store in cool, dry place. ⚠DISCARD IF MOLDED

⭐ Round: 20cm±
⭐ Stick: 23cm± 

🛒宠物洁牙苹果木 咬串
天然果木烘干, 香气浓, 无防腐, 无农药, 确保宠物啃咬安全健康。新鲜高品质苹果木 经过手工收割清洗,烘干切割及包装多道工序加工而成。

✅ 满足啮齿动物本能的咀嚼行为,并帮助抵抗无聊,焦虑和压力。
✅ 啮齿类宠物由于门齿并没有齿根,终生都在生长,所以它们必须不断 地响胶明联东西,才能达到一个平衡的状态,既不会太长也不会太短。
✅ 特别受龙猫,兔子,松鼠,蜜袋鼯等小宠们喜爱。
✅ 存放于通风干燥处。⚠如环境潮湿造成发霉,请丢弃。

⭐ 圆串: 20cm±
⭐ 长条: 23cm±

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