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Japan Bonito & Fruits Soft Snack [30g] | Sugar Glider Treats

📣📣 30g± Sugar Glider Bonito & Fruits Soft Snack from Japan

 ✅ This sugar glider treats contain Monascus purpureus as a natural preservative.
 ✅ Contains freeze-dried mealworm powder preserves the freshness and nutritional value of raw mealworms.
 ✅ It contains banana and apple powder, which sugar gliders love, high palatability.
 ✅ Give the snack directly with hand, to build trust and bond with your lovely little ones.❤

⭐ Ingredient List:
Wheat Flour, Bonito Meal, Krill Meal, Dried Whole Egg, Glycerin, Corn Oil, Meal Worm (Freeze-Dried), Corn Starch, Banana Powder, Apple Powder, Sorbitol, Trehalose, Bonito Extract, Spirulina, Emulsifier, Red Yeast Rice Pigment, Cochineal Pigment

⭐ Nutrition Analysis:
     👉 Crude Protein: 13% min
     👉 Crude Fat: 9% min
     👉 Crude Fiber: 1% max
     👉 Crude Ash: 5%
     👉 Moisture: 17%


 ✅ 该产品使用红曲霉的作为天然防腐。

⭐ 材料:
小麦粉,鲣鱼粉,磷虾粉,全蛋粉,甘油,玉米油,面包虫(冷冻干燥),玉米淀粉,香蕉粉,苹果粉,山梨醇,海藻糖,鲣鱼提取物,螺旋藻,乳化剂,红曲米色素 ,胭脂色素

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