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Japan Cattyman Soft Chicken Fillet & Fish Sandwich [25g] | Sugar Glider Treats

📣📣 Cattyman Soft Chicken Fillet & Fish Sandwich [25g±]

 âœ… Suitable for cats and small animals such as sugar gliders, hamsters etc
 âœ… A low-fat chicken fillet sandwich made with the taste and aroma of white fish
 âœ… Thin cut and soft texture
 âœ… Contains taurine (an amino acid), which is good for heart, vision and hearing, regulates immune system and it          is a natural antioxidant.

⭐ Ingredient List:
Chicken Fillet, Fish Meal, Sugars, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Antioxidants (Erythorbic Acid, Sulfite), Minerals (Sodium), Phosphates (Na), Seasonings, Preservatives (Potassium Sorbate), Taurine, Sodium Nitrite

⭐ Nutrition Analysis:
     ðŸ‘‰ Crude Protein: 30% min
     ðŸ‘‰ Crude Fat: 0.3% min
     ðŸ‘‰ Crude Fiber: 1.5% max
     ðŸ‘‰ Crude Ash: 8%
     ðŸ‘‰ Moisture: 32% max
     ðŸ‘‰ Energy: 280kcal/100g

📣📣 Cattyman白鱼鸡柳三明治 [25g±]

 âœ… 适合猫咪,蜜袋鼯,仓鼠等等小动物
 âœ… 用白鱼的味道和香气制作
 âœ… 薄切,保持质地柔软
 âœ… 包含牛磺酸(一种氨基酸),有益心脏健康、视力和听力,调节免疫系统健康和抗氧化功能

⭐ 材料:

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