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Exotic Nutrition Eucalyptus Stick [1stick / 2 sticks] | Sugar Glider Treats

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🛒 Exotic Nutrition Sugar Glider Eucalyptus Stick
Sugar gliders originated from Tasmania and Australia, some of the only countries in the world where eucalyptus is grown wild.  The aroma reminds them of the native homeland, harvested from the same trees that sugar gliders live in when in the wild.  

 ✅ The leaves are sun dried then stuck to a crunchy, vitamin-fortified stick of oats, wheat, and fruit using honey
 ✅ A healthy, natural treat for gliders that adds behavioral enrichment
 ✅ Suggested for Sugar Gliders

 Ingredient List: Crimped oats, wheat, wheat flour, corn starch, dehydrated apple, dehydrated strawberry, ground peanuts, sunflower kernel, eucalyptus leaves (eucalyptus globulus), lecithin, calcium carbonate, honey, vitamin A supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, riboflavin supplement, vitamin B12 supplement.

Guaranteed Analysis: crude protein 9.8% (min), crude fat 1.5% (min), crude fiber 4.8% (max), moisture 9.4% (max), vitamin A 6,400 iu/kg (min), vitamin D3 450 iu/kg (min), vitamin E 54 iu/kg (min).
Feeding Recommendation: Hang stick inside your pet's habitat using attached wire holder. Always provide fresh, clean water. 

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool and dry place.

🛒 Exotic Nutrition 蜜袋鼯桉树叶燕麦松脆棒
蜜袋鼯起源于塔斯马尼亚州和澳大利亚,这是世界上仅有的一些野生桉树生长的国家。 新鲜桉树叶从它们生长的树木采摘 让它们忆起家乡的味道。

 ✅ 晒干的桉树叶 使用蜂蜜将其粘在富含维生素燕麦,小麦和水果的松脆棒上
 ✅ 蜜袋鼯健康的天然健康零食 乐趣满满
 ✅ 建议用于蜜袋鼯

 材料: 燕麦,小麦,小麦粉,玉米淀粉,脱水苹果,脱水草莓,花生粉,葵花籽仁,桉树叶,卵磷脂,碳酸钙,蜂蜜,维生素A补充剂,维生素D3补充剂,维生素E补充剂,核黄素 补充,维生素B12补充。

成份分析:粗蛋白-9.8%(最小值),粗脂肪-1.5%(最小值),粗纤维-4.8%(最大值),水分-9.4%(最大值),维生素-A 6,400 iu / kg,维生素D3-450 iu / kg ,维生素E-54 iu / kg

⭐ 喂食建议:使用附带的勾子悬挂在蜜袋鼯笼子内。 每天提供新鲜,干净的水。

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