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Exotic Nutrition Honey Sticks [Assorted Flavors] | Sugar Glider Treat

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🛒 Exotic Nutrition Honey Sticks Assorted Flavors
Exotic Nutrition's Honey Sticks include a mixed bundle of favorite flavored honey sticks - Original, Vanilla, Peach, Mango, and Watermelon. These are standard-sized drinking straws, each containing approximately 1 teaspoon of Orange Blossom Honey (the sweetest).  Clip the end just right, and it pops open to deliver a serving of slurpy sweetness to offer your pet Sugar Glider, Bird, or Marmoset.

 ✅ Delicious honey in a straw!
 ✅ These sticks are sturdy enough to bend in half without breaking
 ✅ Offer alone as a snack or drizzle over food to intrigue your gliders
 ✅ Suggested for Sugar Gliders, Bird, or Marmoset. 
 ✅ No preservatives, edible for humans & animals.

 Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (min) 0.0%, Crude Fiber (max) 0.0%, Crude Fat (min) 0.0%, Moisture (max) 17.0%

Feeding Recommendation: This product is a treat and should be fed sparingly, it is not a substitute for a regular, balanced diet. Offer treats 2-3 times per week or as a small portion (less than 10%) of the main diet. Treats may lead to health issues like obesity when overfed. If your pet is not consuming its regular balanced diet, withhold serving treats until stable eating habits resume. It is recommend to either hand-feed these honey sticks or drizzle onto food/treats. 

⚠ If straw is left in cage unsupervised, pets could chew through plastic. 

🛒 Exotic Nutrition 水果口味蜜糖棒
Exotic Nutrition 水果口味蜂蜜棒含有多种口味选择 - 原味、香草、桃子、芒果和西瓜。 每支吸管含有大约 1 茶匙橙花蜂蜜(最甜的)。 轻轻挤压出甜美的蜜糖,让小宠们舔舐。

  ✅ 美味蜂蜜棒
  ✅ 坚固吸管 可以弯曲成两半而不会折断
  ✅ 单独作为零食给与或淋在食物上
  ✅ 不含防腐剂,人和宠物均可食用。
  ✅ 建议用于蜜袋鼯,鸟,狨猴


⭐喂食建议:此产品纯属零食,不能代替常规主食。 建议每周喂食2-3次或仅占主要饮食的一小部分(少于10%)。 过度饮食可能会导致肥胖等健康问题。 建议用手喂这些蜂蜜棒或淋在食物上。 

⚠ 如果蜜糖棒在无人看管的情况下留在笼子里,宠物可能会咀嚼塑料。

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