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Freeze Dried Chicken Cubes [25g] | Sugar Glider, Hamster Treats

🛒 Freeze-dried Chicken Cubes
 ✅ 100% Pure Chicken
 ✅ Rich In Protein, Dietary Fibre
 ✅ Low Fat
 ✅ High Nutrition & Healthy
 ✅ Easy to Feed
 ✅ Your Pets will Definitely Love it!

⭐ What is freeze-dried?
     👉 Freeze-drying is a special form of drying that removes all moisture
     👉 This special process helps to preserve on the food taste by freezing the food at low temperature of -36°C to -40°C and placing in a strong vacuum for 24 hours. The water in food will be sublimated, which means turning straight into vapor.

⭐ Suitable for:
     👉 Dogs & Cats
     👉 Sugar Glider
     👉 Hamster
     👉 Rabbit

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