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Sugar Glider Exercise Toy Gliding Platform | 蜜袋鼯玩具 滑翔跳台

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Sugar Glider Exercise Toy Gliding Platform | 蜜袋鼯玩具 滑翔跳台 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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🛒 Sugar Glider Gliding Platform

Sugar Gliders are active creatures that enjoy jumping, climbing, swinging, and of course gliding!
It satisfies your pet's need to jump, climb and glide. Train your sugar gliders to glide from the platform and reward them with their favorite treats to encourage their gliding behavior.

 ✅ Easy Setup - Stick at desired places
 ✅ Easy clean and wash
 ✅ Fun to see them Glide!

🛒 蜜袋鼯滑翔跳台

此款滑翔跳台满足您的宠物跳跃、攀爬和滑翔的需要。 训练您的蜜袋鼯小宠从平台上滑翔,并用他们最喜欢的零食奖励,以鼓励他们的滑翔行为。

 ✅ 超简单安装 - 撕下双面胶贴上
 ✅ 容易清洗,随时拆下即可冲水
 ✅ 享受蜜袋鼯跳到主人身上的互动

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