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Hachi Sugar Glider Anti-Bacteria Dry Cleansing Shampoo Natural White Tea [100ml]

Hachi Sugar Glider Dry Cleansing Shampoo are cleansing products that do not require any rinsing with water. It absorbs excess sebum, remove dirt and have a deodorizing effect. It is specially formulated for Sugar Glider's skin and coat which is gentle and tear-free!  It also contains anti-bacteria agent to eliminate odour and stains on sugar gliders' coats.

 ✅ Specially formulated for Sugar Glider.
 ✅ Non-alcohol & Paraben free
 ✅ Made with coconut & Essential Oils
 ✅ No water or rinsing required. Just spray and massage onto the coat, and wipe dry with clean towel
 ✅ Pleasant, relaxing natural white tea fragrance.
 ✅ Volume: 100ml

⭐ Ingredient List: Coconut Oil, Vitamin B5, Tea Tree Oil, Essential Oil, Sodium Lauryl Ethyl Sulfate

Hachi蜜袋鼯干洗喷雾让蜜袋鼯在无需用水冲洗的情况下沐浴。 它能吸收多余的皮脂,去除污垢并具有除臭效果。 专为蜜袋鼯的皮肤和毛发配制,温和无泪! 它还含有抗菌功效,可消除蜜袋鼯身上的异味和污渍。

 ✅ 专为蜜袋鼯配制
 ✅ 不含酒精和防腐剂
 ✅ 植物萃取配方
 ✅ 无需水或冲洗 只需喷洒在毛发上按摩,再用干净的毛巾擦干。
 ✅ 令人愉悦、放松的天然白茶香味。
 ✅ 容量: 100ml


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