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HACHI Natural White Tea Shampoo [250ml] | Sugar Glider Grooming

🛒 Hachi Sugar Glider Shampoo is specially formulated for sugar gliders' fur and coat cleaning and other animals with similar delicate skins. It effectively absorbs excess sebum, remove dirt and eliminate odor and stains on sugar gliders' coats, leaving your furry friend with a fresh scent.

 ✅ Specially formulated for Sugar Glider.
 ✅ Non-alcohol & Paraben free
 ✅ Made with coconut & Essential Oils
 ✅ Pleasant, relaxing natural white tea fragrance.
 ✅ Volume: 250ml

⭐ Ingredient List: Coconut Oil, Vitamin B5, Tea Tree Oil, Essential Oil, Sodium Lauryl Ethyl Sulfate

⭐ Direction: Wet your sugar glider's coat, apply a small amount of shampoo, work it to lather, massage it gently into your pet’s skin for a few minutes before thoroughly rinsing with water. Dry their coat with dry clean towel.

🛒 Hachi蜜袋鼯抗菌沐浴露专为蜜袋鼯的皮毛以及其他小动物而配制。 它有效地吸收多余的皮脂,去除污垢并消蜜袋鼯身上的臭味和污渍,让您的小宠沐浴后保留清新气味。

 ✅ 专为蜜袋鼯配制
 ✅ 不含酒精和防腐剂
 ✅ 植物萃取配方
 ✅ 令人愉悦、放松的天然白茶香味。
 ✅ 容量: 250ml


⭐ 使用方法:将蜜袋鼯用水淋湿,按压少许沐浴乳使其起泡,轻轻按摩宠物的皮肤几分钟,然后用水彻底冲洗。 用干净的毛巾擦干毛发。

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