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Insect Water Gel Crystals [10g±]

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🛒Insect Water Gel Crystals
Raise healthy feeder crickets and dubia roaches to feed your pets.  Water polymer crystals prevents drowning of feeder insects. It is non-toxic so will not harm your insects or the pets which eat them.

 ✅ Just add water and let it soak for 5 hours
 ✅ 10g makes 1.3L of water gel
 ✅ Make sure water gel is always available to your feeder insects to keep optimum moisture level.
 ✅ Weight: 10g±

昆虫水凝胶晶体能帮助饲养出健康蟋蟀和杜比亚蟑螂来喂养您的宠物。 水凝胶可防止饲养昆虫溺水,并且无毒无害,不会伤害昆虫或吃它们的宠物。

  ✅ 只需加水浸泡5小时即可
  ✅ 一包(10克)可加入1.3公升水制成1.3L 水凝胶
  ✅ 确保您的昆虫饲养箱保持潮湿,以及昆虫的健康。
  ✅ 重量:10g±

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