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Japan KOJIMA Pet Wet Tissue with Silver Ions [80wipes] | Sugar Glider Grooming

🛒 Japan Kojima Pet Wet Wipes with Silver Ions 80wipes | Wet Tissue for Pet 
KOJIMA effectively solves 9 major problems for your pets - tear marks, tear stains, tears, odor, inflammation and swelling and bacterial infection. It contains antibacterial silver ions which effectively reduces the tear marks around the eyes of pets due to bacterial infections, remove eye dirt, and lighten tear marks.
 ✅ Natural non-irritant pet wipes with Silver Ions for antibacterial
 ✅ Eliminates odour and kills 99.9% of bacteria on your pet
 ✅ Safety removes dirt & eliminates tough pet odors.
 ✅ Can be used to wipe your pet's coat, ears, paws and genital area.
 ✅ Alcohol free

⚠ The date printed on the product is production date, not expiration date

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