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Japan NPF Animal Premium Pack [50g/350g] Sugar Glider Pellet | Sugar Glider Food

πŸ›’Japan NPF Animal Premium Pack Sugar glider [350g±] (50g± x 7 bags)
 βœ… A high-quality comprehensive & nutritional diet;
 βœ… Well-balanced combination of optimal nutrients for sugar gliders;
 βœ… Contains lactic acid bacteria (fecalis bacteria) that improves intestinal health;
 βœ… Contains agaricus and nucleotides to support sugar glider's health;
 βœ… High palatability;
 βœ… Comes in 7 smaller packs to keep its freshness

⭐ Ingredient List:
Hominy feed, defatted soybeans, corn gluten meal, beet pulp, chicken meal, glucose, beer yeast, cheese powder, alfalfa meal, carrot powder, vegetable fats and oils, egg yolk powder, apple powder, dried bananas, oligosaccharides, eggshell powder, dandelion Powder, yolk powder, yeast extract (nucleotide source), agarix (β-glucan source), lactic acid bacterium (fecalis bacterium), minerals (Ca, Cl, Na, K, P, Zn, Fe, Cu, Mg, Mn, Co, I, Al), amino acids (Met, taurine), vitamins (choline, C, niacin, E, A, B6, pantothenic acid, B2, B1, folic acid, K, biotin, B12, D3), acidulants, Fragrance

⭐ Nutrition Analysis:
     πŸ‘‰ Crude protein: 25.0% min
     πŸ‘‰ Crude Fat: 5.0% min
     πŸ‘‰ Crude Fiber: 5.5% min
     πŸ‘‰ Crude Ash: 8.5%
     πŸ‘‰ Moisture: 10.0%
     πŸ‘‰ Calcium: 1.0%
     πŸ‘‰ Phosphorus: 0.5%
     πŸ‘‰ Vitamin C: 600 mg / kg  
     πŸ‘‰ Energy: 430kcal/100g

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