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Pet Nano Silver Spray (30ppm) [100ml] | Sugar Glider Grooming

📣📣 Nano Silver Spray 🎉
 ✅ Ingredient: Nano Silver (30ppm)
 ✅ Kills bacteria, fungi and viruses
 ✅ Promotes rapid wound healing and tissue regeneration
 ✅ Removes unpleasant odors
 ✅ Suitable for all breed of dog, cat and small animal
 ✅ This non-stinging, non-allergenic and non-toxic multi-purpose solution has broad spectrum microbial properties
      👉 For hot spots, skin irritations and bites
      👉 For wound healing
      👉 For grooming and cleaning
      👉 For infection control and sanitisation

⭐ Shake well before use!

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