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Plastic Mesh Mat [34.5x25cm] | Sugar Glider Rabbit Chinchilla Cage Accessories

🎉Plastic Mesh Mat for Sugar Glider/Rabbit/Chinchilla Cage
⭐Size: 34.5cm x 25cm

✅More comfortable surface for your pet to walk on.
✅No more stepping on big gap cage grill.
✅Easy cleaning for your pet environment.  
✅Prevent food from dropping through cage gap.
✅Eco-friendly material, nontoxic and wear resistant.
✅Suitable for Sugar Gliders, Rabbits, Gerbils, Guinea pigs, Rats, Ferrets, etc.  


🎉塑料笼子脚垫 蜜袋鼯 龙猫 兔子 护脚垫
⭐尺寸:34.5cm x 25cm

✅避免食物从笼子间隔中掉落 造成浪费
✅无毒塑料 防水
✅适用于蜜袋鼯 兔子 天竺鼠 雪貂 和其他小动物

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