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200g± Dubia Roach Chow by PETOPIA | 杜比亚粮食200g±

⭐ Dubia Roach Chow by PETOPIA [200g± Pack]
 ✅ Powder Formula, convenient to store and feed
 ✅ Maximize growth and productivity of Dubia roach
 ✅ Easily Seal After Use
 ✅ Gut Load your Dubia Roach
 ✅ High standards for Dubia roach health and diet. While roaches can survive eating almost anything, we want “next-level” health for our Dubia breeders and feeders .
 ✅ Please provide water source to your Dubia roach

⭐ Weight: 200g±
‼ ***This is food for Dubia Roach only. Strictly not for Sugar Glider & other small animals ‼ 

⭐ 杜比亚粮食 by PETOPIA [200g±装]
 ✅ 粉状 容易储存 喂食
 ✅ 加速杜比亚生长 增加产量
 ✅ 自封袋 容易收藏
 ✅ 提高杜比亚健康
 ✅ 记得提供足够水源 以保持杜比亚养殖箱内湿度

⭐ 重量: 200g±
‼ ***这是杜比亚粮食 不适用于喂食蜜袋鼯或其他小动物 ‼ 

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