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Sugar Glider Marshmallow Sleeping Pouch | 蜜袋鼯彩色棉花糖棉窝挂床

🛒 Sugar Glider Marshmallow Sleeping Pouch
Marshmallow Sleeping Pouch allows your gliders to sleep nice and snuggly in it. It comes with metal clasps to be easily attach on any cages. Your pets will be able to take a little snooze in the pouches, or use it as a hiding spot during their nightly activities.

 ✅ Size: 17cm(L) x 17cm(W) x 15cm(H)
 ✅ Fabrics: Short Plush & Sponge
 ✅ Ideal for Sugar gliders & hamsters
 ✅ Fits 2-3 sugar gliders or hamsters

🛒 蜜袋鼯彩色棉花糖棉窝挂床
可爱的棉窝让您的小宠在其中舒适睡眠。 配带金属扣环,可以轻松地固定在任何笼子上。小宠将可以在棉窝中小睡,或在夜间活动中将其用作藏身之地。

 ✅ 尺寸: 17cm(长) x 17cm(宽) x 15cm(高)
 ✅ 布料: 短绒 & 海绵
 ✅ 适用于蜜袋鼯,仓鼠等小动物
 ✅ 可装下2-3只蜜袋鼯或仓鼠

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